Wheelchair Karen Canada

In recent years, the term “Karen” has been used to describe a certain type of person – usually a white woman – who is perceived as entitled and demanding beyond what is reasonable. The term has become so popular that there are now memes and even songs dedicated to mocking this type of person. However, in Canada, the term “Karen” has taken on a new meaning.

In October 2019, a video went viral of a woman in a wheelchair being berated by another passenger on a Canadian airline. The woman in the wheelchair, who has since been identified as Karen Shura-Breden, was trying to board the plane when she was told by the other passenger that she was “taking too long” and needed to “hurry up”. When Shura-Breden explained that she couldn’t hurry because she was using a wheelchair, the other passenger became even more irate, yelling at her to “hurry up” and calling her a “lazy b****”.

The incident sparked outrage on social media, with many people calling out the entitlement and disrespect shown by the other passenger. Since then, the term “Wheelchair Karen” has been used to describe people who are needlessly rude or insensitive to those with disabilities. While it is important to not paint all disabled people with the same brush, it is also important to hold those who do act like Wheelchair Karens accountable for their words and actions.

There’s a new Karen in town, and she’s rolling around in a wheelchair! That’s right, folks, meet Wheelchair Karen from Canada. She’s just like the regular Karens you know and love, except she gets around in a wheelchair.

And just like regular Karens, she loves to make a scene and cause trouble. Wheelchair Karen was recently spotted at a local grocery store causing a ruckus. She began yelling at the staff for not accommodating her needs as a disabled person.

When they tried to calm her down, she started throwing things and causing even more of a scene. The police were called but by the time they arrived, Wheelchair Karen had already made her escape in her trusty wheelchair. If you see Wheelchair Karen out and about, be sure to give her a wide berth.

You don’t want to end up on the receiving end of one of her tantrums!

Wheelchair Karen Canada

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Racist Wheelchair Karen starts harassing random people in Ontario, Canada


A woman in a wheelchair was denied access to a store in Canada because the employees said she couldn’t bring her service dog inside. The woman, who has multiple sclerosis, captured the encounter on video and posted it to social media. The store has since apologized and said they will be more inclusive in the future.

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