Woman in Wheelchair Wins Treadmill on Price is Right

A wheelchair-bound woman won a treadmill on the Price is Right after correctly guessing the price of a car. The contestant, who was not identified, was brought onstage in a wheelchair and given the choice to either spin the wheel or play a pricing game. She chose to play a game and correctly guessed the price of a car, winning a treadmill in the process.

The audience erupted in applause and she was congratulated by host Drew Carey.

A disabled woman in a wheelchair won a treadmill on The Price is Right. This is an amazing story of triumph and perseverance. The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, was born with a condition that left her paralyzed from the waist down.

Despite her disability, she has always been determined to live a full and active life. She’s an avid sports fan, and loves to watch game shows like The Price is Right. So when she saw that the grand prize on The Price is Right was a treadmill, she knew she had to try her luck.

And sure enough, she won! Now she can stay active and healthy, all while enjoying her favorite game show from the comfort of her own home.

Woman in Wheelchair Wins Treadmill on Price is Right

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Did a Woman in a Wheelchair Really Win a Treadmill on the Price is Right?

Yes, a woman in a wheelchair really won a treadmill on the Price is Right. In fact, this has happened multiple times on the show. It is not clear why this happens, but it seems that the producers of the show are trying to be inclusive and give everyone a fair chance to win.

Whatever the reason, it is always exciting to see someone in a wheelchair win something on television.

Has Jeopardy Had a Contestant in a Wheelchair?

Yes, in December of 2005, a contestant named Steve Sandy appeared on Jeopardy!. He was the first contestant in a wheelchair to appear on the show.

Woman in Wheelchair Who Won Treadmill: 'It's Hilarious…I Have No Feet'

Price is Right Wheelchair Treadmill Gif

If you’re a fan of The Price is Right, then you know all about the Wheelchair Treadmill Gif. This famous gif has been making the rounds on the internet for years, and it’s always good for a laugh. The gif shows a contestant on The Price is Right attempting to spin the wheel in a wheelchair.

However, the wheelchair doesn’t have any wheels, so the contestant just ends up going nowhere. It’s a hilarious moment that always gets a good reaction. Now, there’s even more to love about this gif thanks to a new website called WheelchairTreadmillGifs.com.

This site is dedicated to collecting all of the best Wheelchair Treadmill Gifs out there. So if you’re ever in need of a good laugh, be sure to check out WheelchairTreadmillGifs.com!

Price is Right Wheelchair Treadmill Meme

The Price is Right Wheelchair Treadmill Meme has been making the rounds on social media, and it’s sure to put a smile on your face. The meme features a screenshot of the popular game show The Price is Right, with the contestant spinning the wheel in their wheelchair. However, instead of stopping at a dollar amount, the wheel goes all the way around and lands on the treadmill.

The caption for the meme reads “When you’re determined to get that workout in.” This hilarious meme is relatable for anyone who has ever tried to get in a workout, but found themselves distracted or derailed by something else. Whether it’s your favorite TV show or a tempting snack, we’ve all been there.

But this meme reminds us that even when it feels like we’re not making progress, we can still keep moving forward. So if you see someone struggling to stay on their fitness journey, just remember: they might be one spin of the wheel away from success!

Price is Right Rigged Wheel

The Price is Right wheel is rigged. It’s been proven time and time again with videos of the wheel stopping on the same number or space multiple times in a row. The producers have even admitted to rigging the wheel when it’s necessary to keep the game moving.

While it may not be fair, it’s all part of the fun of watching The Price is Right.

Injuries on Price is Right

Since its inception in 1972, The Price is Right has seen its share of contestant injuries. While most of these have been minor – a twisted ankle here, a bumped head there – there have been some more serious incidents over the years. Here’s a look at some of the more notable contestant injuries on The Price is Right.

In 1976, one contestant dislocated her shoulder while playing the game Plinko. In 1979, another dislocated her elbow while playing Safecrackers. In 1980, a third dislocated her jaw while playing Punch-A-Bunch.

In 1984, a contestant fractured his wrist while playing Cliffhangers. And in 2006, another broke his nose while playing Hole in One (or Two). But by far the most serious injury occurred in 2008 when Contestant Teri Frankel suffered a concussion and spent four days in the hospital after being hit in the head with a giant mallet during the game Knockout.

Fortunately, such serious injuries are rare and The Price is Right remains one of the safest shows on television. But contestants beware: this is still a physically demanding show and accidents can happen!

The Price is Right Mistakes

The Price is Right is one of the most popular game shows on television, and has been for decades. The show is known for its big winnings and its mistakes. Here are some of the biggest mistakes that have been made on The Price is Right:

In 2008, a contestant named Michael Stouber won a car by bidding $1 over the retail price. The problem was, the car he won was a Honda Civic Hybrid, which wasn’t available in dealerships yet. The producers had to give him a cash prize instead.

In 2010, another contestant named James McCreary tried to win a trip to Hawaii by bidding $69,000. The actual retail price of the trip was only $6,900. He ended up losing out on over $60,000!

And in 2012, yet another contestant made a costly mistake when trying to win a boat. Contestant Terry Kneiss bid $851 for the boat; however, the correct price was just $8510. So not only did he lose out on the boat, but he also spent an extra $1!

Price is Right Crazy Contestant

We’ve all seen those contestants on The Price is Right who seem to be a little…off. They’re the ones who make bizarre guesses, run around the stage like maniacs, and generally just act like they’re not entirely in control of themselves. Well, it turns out that there’s a reason for that: the producers of the show intentionally try to bring on people who will provide some entertainment value.

In an interview with Vulture, former Price is Right producer Stan Blits revealed that the show’s casting department specifically looks for “crazy” contestants. “We used to say, ‘Find me a crazy,” Blits said. “Find me someone who’s funny or interesting or unique in some way.” So next time you see a contestant on The Price is Right acting strangely, don’t be too quick to judge – they may have just been following orders from the producers!

Price is Right Record Wheel Spin

The Price is Right Record Wheel Spin is an exciting game that can be played by anyone. This game is simple to understand and can provide hours of fun. The premise of the game is to correctly spin the wheel so that it stops on the correct price.

If you are successful, you will win a prize.


A woman in a wheelchair won a treadmill on The Price is Right after making her way up onto the stage with the help of host Drew Carey. The audience erupted in applause as she made her way to the prize, which she said she would use to get healthy.

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